This is Me

The water is running,
Filling the bath with regret,
Soaking my body with the moments, I can’t take back.
My head is aching,
Needing to free from overthinking,
Perhaps I’m where I need to be,
Floating in the plastic mold, I’ll always be.
But It could never be just me,
Surrounded by the shadows of my doubts,
They dance along the wall,
Stalking my fear,
Tiptoeing oh ever near,
And bursting into flame,
Begging me to stay away.
As if I could,
As if I had a choice,
But to stare at the wall, I built in shame.
For it’s my only comfort,
My only concern,
The water is running,
But I can’t run anymore,
Not to the valleys of Atlantis,
Or the kingdom of Disney World.
I am who I am,
And this is me,
Naked and alone.