The Blogger Recognition Award

First and foremost, I want to thank the Bluehill Blogger for nominating me. I’m very touched and quite honestly shocked. The Bluehill Blogger posts relatable articles from a teenage perspective that’s interesting to read. Check out the Bluehill Blogger here .Thank you again for nominating me it means a lot to be recognized. 

About the Award 

The Blogger Recognition Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers. It allows bloggers to work together to promote each other’s work. Thus, it’s designed to recognize the hard work bloggers do to create engaging and inspiring posts for all. 

However, there are some rules the nominees must follow:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the nomination and add a link to their blog. 
  2. Write a blog post describing why you started your blog and write two pieces of advice to give to new bloggers. 
  3. Nominate and notify 15 more bloggers. 

How I Found My Way to Blogging 

Honestly, I sort of fell into blogging as a way to find a job. Breaking into the writing industry, I’ve found to be pretty difficult due to the fact I didn’t know much about it except I had to write. Many employers said I was young and inexperienced. Before blogging, I didn’t have a clue as to what SEO stood for or what WordPress even was. I knew I needed to gain some experience somehow since no one was going to hire me. I created my blog as a way to showcase my work in everything I like to write about from articles, poems, and short stories. I learned about SEO, social media marketing, and starting writing away so the next time I applied for a job they couldn’t say I was inexperienced.   

Advice For New Bloggers  

Giving advice to others when I consider myself a new blogger too makes me feel underqualified for the task, but here it goes…

My advice is this have fun with it. Write topics that you’ll enjoy writing about and not just topics that will get you the most views or fit in your niche. In fact, write about any and all topics that pertain to who you are. You don’t have to be just a health and nutrition blogger or write solely about traveling because that’s what is perceived. No one can fit in a box and be labeled rightly so. Besides, adding content is always good, so write what you want to write about not what others believe you should write. 

I Nominate… 

Joy, Blessing, and Poetry

Teresa writes intriguing poetry that always has me on the edge of my seat. You can tell she writes from a place within her heart that makes each poem that more special. 

My Unexpected Life: Tales of Travel, Food, and More

As the title suggests, Kevin writes about his travels and shares stories from his past in a blog about the unexpected. He writes from a perspective of connecting with one other through conversation. Among being enjoyable to read, his posts are heartwarming as well. 

Been there with Kids

Crystal posts family traveling content that is amazingly honest and pure. From hotel reviews to family preparation, she shares her experiences through and through to help and inspire other families who wish to travel too. 

Being and Niceness

Joe writes about the psychology of being nice. It an effort to make the world a nicer place he dives into the deeper meaning behind such thoughts.  

Dani Chronicles

Dani writes about her mental health struggles in a truly honest way. Hoping to help others with similar struggles, each post is inspiring and encouraging a conversation about a larger issue. 

Stay Healthy and Happy

Sarah writes about a variety of topics such as fitness, fashion, and mental health all for which she inspires others in staying healthy and happy.  

Mischievous Words By Marta

Marta writes a variety of relatable posts about adulting and enjoying life. From recipes and fashion, Marta writes from the heart as she inspires others with her own unique perspective.    

Speaking Bipolar 

Scott writes from his personal experiences about how to cope with chronic illness, mental illness awareness, and self-improvement. He offers a unique perspective on such topics bringing an inspiring view to each post. You can visit his blog here.

A Ray of Sunshine

M.C.M writes beautiful poetry and also posts photography, which always has me wanting for more. With each post, you can tell she writes from the heart and displays pictures that inspire others to think outside the box.  

You Will Bee Fine

This blog focuses on self-care and positivity. With inspiring messages, it’s definitely a fun read to brighten your day and think about how to start anew.  

The Anxious History Teacher

Leo writes about her personal experiences with anxiety as well as the musings of being a teacher. She has a unique perspective that’s interesting to read and can be inspiring to all.   

Lesley Animal Blog

Lesley-Anne writes about animals, ethics, and knowing one’s self-worth in the form of engaging discussions and inspiring poetry. Her post are equally as thought poking as they are informative.  

Kim Witbeck

Kim writes amazing creative writing posts. Each post makes you feel for the character’s in a way you didn’t expect.  

Pinky Lemonade

Any girly girl out there will want to hit subscribe instantly because this blog has fun beauty tips, nail art, wellness trends, and playful fashion as well. It’s a one-stop-shop for anything creative and cute. 

Elevated and Rising

Wendy writes about love and spiritual awareness from personal experiences. Each post is equally as thought provoking as it is inspiring.  

Do check out these blogs they all are great and thanks again to the Bluehill Blogger for nominating me. It’s quite an honor. 

Talk to you next time, bye loves!