The Miracle in the Forest

In the forest from beyond, 
You appeared from behind the trees, 
Stomping on the leaves, 
Running to me. 
With your timid eyes staring back at me,
I hesitated to move. 
You were not what I believed you to be. 
A horn rotted with mud,
And twirled with vines, 
You trotted into the distance,
With the presence of a wanderer at sight. 
Perhaps you were sent with a purpose. 
Perhaps you were made to believe,
That while all bad is not evil, 
And all good is not fine, 
You choose those with truest intents, 
To follow you into the night. 
Chasing the dreams, you remembered long ago, 
And pondering at the sight of the unknown,
I didn’t think anything could be so beautiful, 
Until the day I saw you, 
Walking in the mist, forgetting the path of footprints.
The miracle in the forest,
To be seen once again.