The Secret of Me

I saw you in the distance,
Wondering out into the field,
Lost in remembrance.
Tell me, dear, do you miss me?
Do you want to find the girl you used to be?
Scattered among the lips of lonely,
And willed to life by the feared.
Tell me, angel, do you miss me?
Lost in the scars of betrayal,
You locked me out.
Sentencing me to a cold agony,
For a love that was so worthy it failed.
Perhaps it was meant to be,
You are what you’ve always been.
Simply a mystery,
Riddled with expectations.
And puzzled with dreams out of your reach.
Tell me, baby, do you miss me?
For the nights I spent holding you,
For the days I gave you glee.
It’s time to open the door,
It’s time to live freely.