A Collection of Heartfelt Words

First Love…

To the moon and back, he said to me.
Eyes sparkling. Smiling wide.
“You know this is forever.”  
“You’re my one and only.”
I just didn’t know forever was a moment in disguise?
Twirling underneath the smiles and giggles.
Forming a twister.
To the moon and back, he said to me.
Leaving my heart filled with love.
Don’t forget me.

To You…

Thank you for being my everything,
When I had nothing,
Thank you for making me believe,
Because of you now I can see,
The beauty that lies beneath,
The shadow that haunts me dearly,
I thank you, because of you I’m free to love every part of me.

For Me…

It’s time to leap out of faith,
And run without thinking.
Explore the depths of the world,
And what find what you’re looking for.
Stop being afraid. Challenge your mind.
You can do anything.
Just let your heart walk and your soul talk.
Forgive the past. And live in the present.
You are who you are.
Don’t forget you are loved.