Questions In the Night

Twirling in confusion,
I didn’t know what to expect.
Red lights and yellow tape?
Car horns? Wets streets?
Perhaps I was too late.
Was he gone?
Would he be able to speak?
Maybe it was all a dream,
Fabricated from a late night viewing.
Maybe it wasn’t him?
Maybe he was just waiting for me,
Back home where I was supposed to be.
All these maybe’s,
Filling my head with possibilities.
What happened? He told me he was on his way.
The car, did it stop?
Did he help a stranger in need?
What happened in the minutes in between?
How could this be?  
How could this happen to us?
No answer from above.
No reply in sight.
No mercy.
Just zap.  
He was gone,
Taken in the whisper of the night.