In the Mornings…

Morning doll he said to me.
Crazy-eyed. Cigarette in hand.
Ash to ash, smoke flared.  
Leaving behind a burning mist.  
He called me to my knees.
Lighting the spark that itched me.  
Summoning the beast inside.
He ranted off into the night.
Tapping on my cage and feeding lies to my fragile state.  
I couldn’t move. His eyes stalked mine.
Chasing my fear until I was by his side.
He smiled.
“What do you want from me?” I asked.
“Oh, it’s just a matter of time.”  I held my breath.
He was watching me.
From the demented corners of his mind, I was beneath his glory.
Begging for his affection.
Twisted in his satisfaction.
I knew I needed to run.
But to where?
I couldn’t see. His darkness loomed over me.
No longer could I hide.
It was time to decide his cage or mine.  
Morning doll he said to me.
But I was not a doll anymore.