The Butterfly In Me

You told me I was a princess,  
Hidden from my kingdom,  
Talented in the art of beauty,    
And should be painted into history.

Then you screamed I was a doll,   
Made to your liking and all,
But every day when you threw me under your bed,  
My porcelain shell began to crack, fracture, and split,
Until one day all I knew was my brokeness splattered all over you.

Then to you, I was only a kitten,   
Cute and tiny,
Playing with a ball of yarn,  
Satisfying my only ambitions,   
Until one day you said no.

But then finally you saw,
Or did you really see?
In my eyes the butterfly in me,
Needing to fly,  
Off into the sun,
Where no matter where I landed you would not run.