The Pain of the Past

With walls made out of heartbreak,
confidence forged from doubt,
and persistence established out of fear.
I know you.  

You’re the darkness that crept from the shore,
waving me in,
casting a spell over my lips, rendering me defenseless to your wit.
Time after time I pleaded to do what was right but chained to the thought of us, I forgot who I was.
I didn’t want to steal,  
I didn’t want to fight.
It was you, with your hollow past, who feverishly demolished the I love I had.  
You joke, but you never change,
you have always been the same.  
I just didn’t want to see the monster beneath.
I believed you could be better,
I believed you were better,
But what foolish things to believe.
I realize you’ve been abandoned, heartbroken, degraded but I was there for you.
Now, darling, you’re nothing to me.  
Simply a mystery filled with pain and history,
and yet, you’re the reflection I see.