Forgive me

Forgive me,

my love, but I am weak.  

I wish I could be the golden girl you seek,

but I am no one else but me.

I can no longer hide, in the mask of perfection,

believing in love for the sake of because is not a life I want to lead.

You see, darling I am cheat, a liar, a sinner, not a saint.

I spin romantic lines in hopes you’ll forgive the look in my eyes.

The swirl of disappointment and the burst of frustration,  

forever wishing for another will turn our hearts to stone.

I need to let you go,

to live a life free from the burden of me.

I only ask, my love, consider this an apology,  

for the heartbreak, I cause, and the tears shed in pain.

I never meant to be so cruel.

I never meant to forget the loved we shared,

but when I sit back and think about you and me,

all I see him.